Clay Loudermilk (iamarapgod) wrote,
Clay Loudermilk

Polar bears are dying from exhaustion. They cannot find ice flows to rest on. We are compressing our Styrofoam food containers into artificial resting stops. It's a justified way to continue dumping our waste. The posters show tranquil polar bears sleeping with their cubs. The only problem is the young Inuit. It's created a small splinter group that believes it to be just as much a part of the environment just as we feel it to be essential to the polar bears survival. They are hollowing them out for shelter and burning the refuse. They wait inside the improvised foam shelters for a bear and kill it in it's sleep. They paddle the entire thing home and cook it over the flames of the foam berg. They all wear the white hides and beads of plastic in their hair. Just as we affect nature, we affect it for them too. Politicians are trying to make it a federal crime to tamper with the Styrofoam floats. The bill is already being watered down and earmarked for less liability for beef processing plants and discounted flu shots for inner city elderly. By the time it's passed, it will cost the tax payers over half a billion more a year. Not that it matters. No one will ever hear about it. We are so removed from both the Inuit and politicians.
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