Clay Loudermilk (iamarapgod) wrote,
Clay Loudermilk

the time is now. government intervention in our business is too widespread. we must secede. us being the internet. everywhere around the world governments are taking what was once a level playing field where the poorest could have free access to the same information as the richest for nothing. just when we thought we had found an equalizer, the rich and powerful are trying to take it from us and use it against us. we can form our own country. this needn't be land based. boarders are such an outdated narrow minded concept that cannot possibly apply anymore. we must break free. we can govern ourselves. we can keep things such as child pornography off, and at the same time allow free speech to oppressed countries such as iran. if anyone disagrees, we can just shut off thier internet. how long could a country last without internet without long lasting crushing economical impacts? i give them 6 hours. imagine a day without google. all the companies using google mail and all the adsense money. we have to act now, before it's too late and governments take this from us entirely. keep out level playing field level.
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